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Stories of the Prophets (Learning Roots)

Set of 5 Books.

This Stories of the Prophets books set is a collection that is designed to not just present the legends but also inspire and engage your child with their great achievements.

This set includes the stories of the following five Prophets:

  • Adam
  • Nuh
  • Ibrahim
  • Musa
  • ‘Eesa (may peace be upon them all)

The books contain stories suitable for children aged 4 and can be read independently by children aged 6.


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Detailed Description

The Biggest (and Easiest) Secret Behind Raising Successful Children

Do you want your child to live a life full of happiness, fulfilment and prosperity, both in this world and the next? Do you know what truly successful children all have in common?

They all follow the examples of great people that came before them. People that mastered the art of living a life of fulfilment in this world while maximising their rewards in the hereafter.

They were the Prophets of Allah.

The Prophets sent by Allah are the finest role models for all of mankind throughout time, and not least in the times we live in today.

If you show your child the best of examples in human history,  in a way that captivates their heart and mind, they’ll be on a sure path to that goal.

Each book contains:

  • The main stories of each Prophet written in simple language and broken down into short chapters making it easy for your child to read and understand.
  • Reflection points in the middle of the stories encouraging your child to think about the lessons learnt from the Prophet’s life.
  • A list of highlighted keywords used in each chapter so your child can grow their vocabulary.
  • Graded exercises that explore your child’s understanding of each chapter.
  • learning map so your child can see where each story fits in the bigger picture.

This set of five books is our all-time best-selling book series and has been used by thousands of parents and teachers worldwide with tremendous feedback and results.

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Weight2.115 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 6 cm
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