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An-Nasihah Curriculum & Dua Book Bundle

by: An Nasihah, An-Nasihah Curriculum, An-Nasihah Publications

Coursebooks 1-8 + Workbooks


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Detailed Description

The An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series is a comprehensive educational series designed to provide a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge for students of all ages. Developed with careful attention to Islamic principles, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including Fiqh (jurisprudence), Hadith, Sirah, Islamic history, Akhlaq and Adab (character development).

The series adopts a holistic approach, integrating traditional learning with practical application using modern research, fostering a deep understanding of Islam and its teachings. With its engaging content, interactive exercises, and clear explanations, the An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series empowers students to develop a strong connection with their deen, enabling them to navigate the challenges of the modern world while upholding Islamic values.

Whether used in a school or maktab classroom or for homeschooling, this curriculum equipts learners with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead a righteous and purposeful life guided by the principles of Islam.

What is the difference between the Boys and Girls set?
The only difference is in Book 6. There is separate book for Boys and a separate one for Girls covering the relevant matters in each book.

Dua Book 1-8

All the Surahs and Duas that a child will need, are compiled in one complete book, fully referenced from authentic sources. Complete with a revision tracker and 99 names of Allah.

Additional information

Weight6.009 kg
Dimensions24 × 17 × 22 cm

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